They Want How Much?

Amazon sent out a listing of new books to read this summer. It’s something Amazon does well, promotion and customer service in the same email. What I read made me incensed. $19.99 for a book? The new JK Rowling book for adults, one I wanted to check out is $19.99! Excuse me?

Traditional publishing is facing many challenges and you would think they would try to learn from the success of the E books and incorporate some changes into their marketing models. That is not the case at all. They are not just adhering to their old ways, they are increasing the asking price of new books.

Since getting my Kindle and discovering the myriad of offerings available to me, a voracious reader, the person authors want in their corner, I have learned that the price of a book does not determine whether it is good or not. It does not indicate whether the book is worth your time and money.

I have a few series that I follow and will pay publishers prices for. Except this year, when AI purchased the books and read them, I was angered at having wasted the money. The books were not good, not like the earlier offerings of the series. Where was the editor in all of this? If I can see the writing is weak, the storyline is weak, the characters aren’t behaving in the manner that hooked you in to begin with, can’t a professional see this and tell the author they are off course and re-writes are necessary?

I have discovered indie authors that have priced their books well under what the trad. publishers charge and the books are outstanding. Why should I pay $16.00 for a book when I can get a great read at $2.99 or $5.99? This is a terrible economic climate, hasn’t anyone informed trad. publishing of this fact?

I know JK Rowlings is a great writer. I’m not a fan of Potter, but the millions of people who are feel the books were worth the money. But where does she get off charging or allowing her publisher to charge twenty dollars for a book. There no guarantee it’s going to be good. She hasn’t written for adults yet. If she had come in at 12.99 to 14.99 I might have taken the plunge and tried her book. But not at her price.

It is mentioned over and over again that many e books and indie works have editing problems like typos. I have no problem with a typo or two (Many would be a problem worth complaining about) if the storyline is solid, the work flows and is strong writing. The traditional books I purchased during the past year, with the exception of two, were horrendous and needed rewrites of the whole story. They, the publisher and author have lost me as a reader. Never to be courted again.

It is the reviews of a book that cause me to make a purchase or not. Also, the authors who offer their books for free on a select day have made money off  me because I end up buying the rest of their catalogue. And I’m their reader from now on, till something happens that would sever the trust I have in them to deliver good work.

What do you think? Do you pay publishers prices for your books or are you reading more Indie and e books now?



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4 responses to “They Want How Much?

  1. I try to stick to paperbacks, unless it’s a new book in a series I have the rest of – those usually run about $8 -12, and generally I find the purchases are worth it.

    However, I’m shocked by the quality some of the traditionally published books. Where are the editors?? Just recently read a mystery called “Mum’s The Word” and it made absolutely no sense. Quite baffled as to how it got on the shelves really.

    • I think if we are going to pay top dollar for traditional books, they should be flawless. I can find flawless books for 5.00 or less on my Kindle, and many of those books are available as paperbacks as well.. There is serious competition now and a more discerning marketplace. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Having found typos is hardcover books from major publishers, I no longer worry so much about an occasional glitch in an indie ebook. Right now the price range is huge and I wonder if this will continue. I’ve bought ebooks for up to $15, but I’ve been having fun with books under $5. There’s something to be said for Indie writers, like me, pricing a bit low and enticing readers. We’ll see how things shake out in a few years. The e-publishing revolution is just starting.

    • Candy, I agree with you. I may not know much about the publishing game (I’m learning), but I think you could charge more for Bram Stoker. Sometimes there is a negative perception if something is priced too low. Just my humble opinion.

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